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The Subtle Difference Between Upstream vs Downstream Goals

When you’re in the middle of a set you shouldn’t be thinking about how great your life is going to be when you can hold that 15 second handstand. You should be thinking to yourself, “5 more reps.” That’s the focus that gets you results, and more time should be spent on that then where you’re heading. So to reach your downstream goals, set upstream goals and focus on them while you’re working out.

How Fiverr Gets You To Spend Way More Than $5

I review the 5 rules that you'll discover from your first time buying a service on fiverr. You'll learn how to get the service you want, understand where you'll find hidden costs, and how you can make this a positive experience.

All-Nighters: An Hour-By-Hour Guide to Cramming for Your Exam

Learn exactly how to tackle the most important exams even if you only have 12 hours of studying in this hour-by-hour guide!

Write Like Tim Ferriss

What makes his writing so compelling and how can you apply his exact formula to your own writing? Get Skill shows you how to write like Tim Ferris.

What is the best way to learn from a programming tutorial?

If your goal is to both build your own app and get a job the best way to learn is to take notes in the same format as the instructions that you'll be given

East of Eden - Notes, Summary, and Lessons

An allegorical story of Cane and Able told over 2 generations. It follows the life of Adam Trask and those in his family, from his father to his interactions with his brother, to his marriage with Kate, to his admiration of Samuel Hamilton, to his raising of his chidden Caleb and Aron.

Let It Be Bad

This is my open letter to all of the people that I let down, offend, or otherwise disappoint. I'm trying my hardest and to protect myself from your criticism so here's my criticism of myself.

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