What I'm Doing Now (By Priority)

Updated on August 13th, 2020

Get Skill -  Approach life with wisdom, courage, and skill

A series on this site that details how to learn hard skills and creates the ultimate beginners guide on how to learn the skills that I need to accomplish the projects in my life. Current projects are being published on my YouTube channel. Topics range from singing, to marketing and everything in between.

Waterstone - Feel like your body is your best friend

This started out 3 years ago as a challenge for myself to follow the advice in the "4-Hour Work Week. The idea is to focus on the high leverage habits that really make a difference in your health and to make those almost effortless for everyone to maintain so they feel that their body is their best friend. This is mainly done through focus on doing a few small actions each day as required and educating people so they can make judgements of when it's worth it to break those rules. Currently working on a new beginner's course and teaching myself to code a custom website.

Holistic Tutoring - Simple strategies to learn what actually matters

I graduated at 18 from the University of Michigan. I am good at studying for school. I help out students who are struggling with school or who want to go to prestigious universities get ahead and get accepted.

ON HOLD - Creative Club - Connect interesting people together

A local club that brings interesting people together who are passionate about some creative hobby, side project, or career. It helps me make friends and get more diverse ideas.